Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSRC)

The Members of CSR shall be appointed by the Board of Directors of the Company which must consist of at least two or more Directors.

Composition of CSR Committee:

Sl. No. Name of Director Designation / Nature
of Directorship
1 Mr. K.K. Aurora Chairman Emeritus
2 Mr. S.N. Agarwal Independent Director
3 Mr. Suneet Aurora Chairman & Managing Director

Functions and Powers of Committee:

To effectively implement the objectives of the Company with respect to CSR, the Committee is vested with the following functions and powers:

  • Formulate CSR Policy and recommend the same to the Board of Directors of the Company for approval.
  • Recommend CSR activities as stated under Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2.
  • Create transparent monitoring mechanism for implementation of CSR initiatives in India. Meetings of the Committee For smooth functioning of the Committee, the members shall meet as below to discuss such matters and to take such decisions as may be necessary.

Further, the Board of Directors may revise/ amend this CSR Policy based on the recommendations of the CSR committee or to bring the same in line with the guidelines or amendments issued from time to time by Government on the subject.