Company Overview

Pharmed is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in India. For over 7 decades, Pharmed has served the healthcare industry with high-quality, innovative and evidence-based nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products, which helped millions of users for a better and enriched quality of life, healthier than before. Not only that these products have also earned acceptance and acclaim of the medical fraternity, quite often opening the doors of new disease management strategies.

Our core strength lies in identifying, researching, and creating a unique lifestyle modifying nutraceutical and therapeutic range of products. Pharmed is a name to reckon with in the therapy areas of women's health; reproductive health; joint, bone and tendon health; pain management; cardiodiabetic health; ear, nose, throat health; urogenital health; digestive health; immune health and general health.

Credit for this success can be imparted to our innovative formulations, product development and marketing, efficient distribution, and logistic channels, partnerships with other innovators, a large and efficient field force, and our access to doctors across various specialties in India through three different marketing divisions, Pharma, ACE, and Synergy.

Innovations in Pharmed

Pharmed has always sought after innovative formulations which can address the therapy gaps effectively. To that end, over the years, as we moved on, we have created a trail of evidence-based innovations that can cater to both the doctors' and patients' needs. Some such examples follow

Supracal®: First brand in India to offer the best absorbed, acid-independent, safe organic Calcium, Calcium Citrate

Absolut®: First brand in India in a formulation with benefits of Green Tea Extract with essential vitamins and minerals to maintain health status in chronic diseases

Tendocare®: India's first brand to address Tendon degeneration, the root cause of Tendinopathies. Opened a new vista and changed the conventional management of degenerative tendinopathies

MGD3®: First Indian brand to offer the unique bioavailable Magnesium to address Subclinical Magnesium Deficiency, which deters absorption and pharmacological action of Vitamin D

Cartigen®: The first Glucosamine brand of India for maintenance of joint health, specifically arresting the progression of disease in osteoarthritis

FOL 123 MF: The first Indian brand to offer the benefits of essential Iodine with DHA for pregnancy and lactation, ensuring a healthy pregnancy and averting consequences of Iodine insufficiency in pregnant women

Synertab®: The first in India offering an adjunct to the management of Synovitis, the underlying central event in all arthropathies, supporting primary management and improving outcomes

Prolife®: The unique and safe endogenous progesterone support formula along with progesterone hormone therapy in Obstetric and Gynaecological patients, where progesterone is used

OsteoCync: The first and only of its kind joint support formula for addressing subchondral bone loss in osteoarthritis, thereby helping limit cartilage loss and inflammatory process in OA