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Caption: QGOLD®- F contains ingredients, which improve the ovarian response in ROS-induced female subfertility. QGold-F is a rational female fertility formula that offers L-arginine, which is a nitric oxide donor and improves blood flow in the ovarian and uterine microcirculation; coenzyme Q10 that boosts mitochondrial energy metabolism and hence survival of ovum or fertilized ovum in adverse environment; lycopene, a strong antioxidant to minimize ROS-induced damage. Additionally, folic acid, pyridoxine, and vitamin B12 act as homocysteine reducers. All ingredients in QGold-F act synergistically to reduce oxidative stress and age-induced oocyte aneuploidies. By improving mitochondrial function, ovarian response, embryo quality and implantation rates, QGOLD®- F is an ideal choice in cases of female infertility.

Composition: Capsules of L-Arginine, Ubidecarenone, Lycopene, Vitamins and Piperine.

Description: QGOLD®- F improves ovarian response, which is altered during oxidative stress-induced female subfertility. It also improves mitochondrial function, embryo quality and implantation rates. It is recommended in idiopathic female subfertility and elderly subfertility.

Dosage form: Soft gelatin capsule.

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