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Cal 123®

Cal 123
Caption: Cal 123® contains 3 organic calcium salts manufactured with novel chelation technology, ensuring higher absorption and bioavailability, thus sufficient calcium delivery to bone. In comparison to other calcium formulations, it does not bind to phosphate, leading to availability of phosphate for efficient bone formation. It does not irritate the stomach causing bloating/belching. It makes Cal 123® ideal for pregnant women. It can also be prescribed in low-back pain, osteopenia, fracture, and osteoporosis.

Composition: Calcium Citrate, Calcium Aspartate, Calcium Orotate and Vitamin D3 Tablets.

Description: Cal 123® is the most physiological calcium formulation with high-dose vitamin D3 benefits for strong bones. It provides bioactive calcium made with novel chelation technology ensuring sufficient calcium deposition in bone. Cal 123® is recommended for calcium supplementation in healthy pregnancy and lactation. In other patients, Cal 123® can be used for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, fracture & bone pain, recurrent low-back pain & joint pain.

Dosage form: Film coated tablet.

Disclaimer: For further information contact your treating physician/doctor. Information provided here is not a recommendation for the treatment of disease.