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For the Use of a Registered Medical Practitioner or a Hospital or a Laboratory Only.


Caption: Supracal® contains the best bioavailable source of calcium, calcium citrate. When patients have inadequate calcium reserve, it is better to choose a calcium that is more bioavailable than other calcium sources. It is more soluble, and due to its chemical nature is absorbed throughout the length of intestine rather than being limited to only the upper part of intestine. It is safe and more tolerable, being organic in nature. It can be taken any time, with or without food and can even be given safely to patients on PPI (proton-pump inhibitors) or with achlorhydria. Supracal® tablet also offers essential vitamin D3, zinc, and magnesium. Indicated in healthy pregnancy & lactation, low-back pain, and general weakness like low calcium states in non-pregnant individuals.

Composition: Calcium Citrate, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D3 Tablets.

Description: Supracal® offers best-absorbed calcium, calcium citrate with vitamin D3 and minerals for the maintenance of healthy pregnancy & lactation. In other patients, it can be used for low-back pain and general weakness, when these are associated with low calcium states. Supracal® can be used for routine preventive supplementation in healthy high-risk individuals, who may have a low calcium state.

Dosage form: Uncoated tablet.

Disclaimer: For further information contact your treating physician/doctor. Information provided here is not a recommendation for the treatment of disease.