Our Team

The Team Leadership

Krishan Kumar Aurora  - Chairman Emeritus

A Chartered Accountant and Lawyer, he began his career as an Accountant with Smith Kline & French India Ltd., and rose to become its Managing Director – India Operations at the age of 34 with the additional responsibility of entire South East Asia Operations. He took over Pharmed Limited in December 1989 and served as the Chairman until February 2021.

Suneet Aurora  - Chairman & Managing Director

Graduate in Economics and Legal Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has been with Pharmed Limited since 1995, and is currently the Chairman and Managing Director.

Executive Directors

Yogesh Saran Aurora  - Whole Time Director

Mrs. Yogesh Saran Aurora is a graduate in the field of Arts and a Diploma holder in Public Relations with 40 years of experience in the USA and India in this field. She was appointed on the board in September 2019 and has continued to serve the Company continuously since then.

Kashmiri Lal Kapoor  - Whole Time Director

A postgraduate diploma holder in Marketing and Sales Management with over 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he has worked with various pharmaceutical companies in senior positions.

V. Krishnamurthy  - Whole Time Director

A Chartered Accountant with vast financial experience in various companies spanning over four decades, he has been an integral part of Pharmed for more than 17 years.

Noshir Shroff  - Whole Time Director

A management graduate with a commercial and legal background, he has been an integral part of Pharmed for more than 42 years.

Independent Directors

SN Agarwal  - Independent Director

An eminent industrialist and alumnus of Harvard Business School and Birla Institute of Technology, he is the Chairman of Bhoruka Group. He presently holds senior positions at many renowned Chambers of Commerce and Institutions such as FICCI, ICC, SAARC, IIM-B, and many more to add.

Dr. Jagadish Chinappa  - Independent Director

An acclaimed Paediatric consultant, he is an alumnus of Grant Medical College, Mumbai, specializing in Children’s Nutrition and Development Assessment. He is an active member of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP). He was a former secretary of IAP respiratory chapter and former member of committee on immunisation. He is also a former representative member of the IT group of IAP.

Key Management Team

Dr. Ummer Beejadakatte  – Senior EVP-HR

Dr. Ummer is a distinguished professional with a remarkable career spanning over two decades in the fields of Human Resource Management, Training and Development. With a profound expertise in these domains, Dr. Ummer has garnered a reputation as a seasoned industry veteran, known for his extensive knowledge, exceptional network, and unparalleled experience in fostering professional growth. As a true people's person, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to connect with individuals at all levels of an organization, making him a prominent figure in the realm of human resources. Dr. Ummer's career has been punctuated by his adept management of a vast and diverse workforce across the length and breadth of India, making him a beacon of excellence in the realm of HR and employee development.

Rajesh Mukund Gupte  – Senior EVP– Marketing & Sales

With an illustrious career spanning more than four decades in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Rajesh M Gupte stands as a distinguished figure at Pharmed Limited. He joined the firm in 2005, and currently serves as Senior Executive Vice President - Marketing and Sales. Mr. Gupte's wealth of experience underscores his profound understanding of the pharmaceutical market dynamics, making him a driving force behind the company's strategic sales endeavours. Notably, his industry expertise and extensive network of relationships have solidified his reputation as a prominent figure, shaping the pharmaceutical landscape with his visionary leadership.

Dr. Jayanta Jana  – Senior EVP-Medical,Regulatory Affairs & Business Alliances

A seasoned and accomplished professional. Dr Jayanta Jana has been an integral part of Pharmed Limited since 2007. He currently holds the prestigious position of Senior Executive Vice President – Medical, Regulatory and Business Alliances. With a rich background in Medicine and Oncology, Dr. Jana has made significant contributions to the healthcare industry through his profound understanding of industry requirements, practice pain points in implementing therapies, and market dynamics. His strategic acumen has played a pivotal role in shaping the Pharmed's trajectory, as he has skillfully leveraged his medical expertise to design and execute innovative products and strategies that drive both medical excellence and business growth. Dr. Jana's remarkable blend of medical knowledge and strategic thinking has made him a respected leader in the field, driving Pharmed’s success and impact in the healthcare sector.